At EdgeSkills, we know that every project is unique. Tell us what you need and we will put the right team and process in place to get it done. You can manage your team directly, or have one of our leaders assist with strategy and run the day-to-day. You will have the flexibility to add or remove team members at any time.

1. Tell us what you need

Do you need to complete a specific project or are you looking to simply augment your staff? If you have a discrete project in mind, send us the requirements or whatever you have (we can help you define requirements if you don’t have them yet). If you are looking for staff augmentation, tell us about the roles you are looking to fill and the skills needed.

2. Build the right team

We will use existing/bench staff and/or search our network of pre-vetted developers, designers and project managers, and propose a team based on skills, experience and availability. We prefer to place team members with whom we have worked previously, but when demand is high we may propose new candidates who have been thoroughly vetted and interviewed (we only take the top 5%).

3. Kick Things Off.

Once your team is in place, we will be as “hands on” or “hands off” as you like. We can put a seasoned lead in charge to be your primary point of contact, run daily scrum meetings and make sure the right tools and processes are in place, or you can manage things yourself.

4. Adjust as needed.

You are in charge! Feel free to adjust your team size and composition as needed. We understand. Requirements change, and so do resource needs. We are flexible and agile.

Give us a shout

We are passionate about connecting the top 5% of software talent with Fortune 1000 companies in Southern California, Silicon Beach, and Silicon Valley and Colorado. To learn more about how EdgeSkills can help you solve complex business problems using software technology, drop us a line.